I’m a Holistic Nutritionist based in Ottawa, Canada and my goal is to help women increase their energy, manage their weight and regain vitality and strength through a gentle and balanced approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

I work with women to help them:

  • Reach and maintain their ideal weight
  • Curb cravings by balancing blood sugar levels so they can enjoy more energy and vitality
  • Improve PMS, painful periods and balance hormones
  • Heal the gut and get rid of uncomfortable bloating
  • Regain a sense of peace around food and eating


I believe living a healthy life doesn’t have to be a struggle. By learning the foundations of good nutrition and discovering what works for you and what doesn’t, the journey to your healthiest self can be enjoyable and simple.

Words from Clients 

“I feel very privileged to have met Pamela Groh. I have been to other nutritionist before and did not have much success. The difference with Pamela is that she listens really well to your needs and problems and with her wide scope of knowledge offers very healing nutritional solutions that work and are very simple and stress free to apply in an already very hectic schedule such as mine. I also sent my daughter to see her and she was able to help her as well. My daughter had a great experience with Pamela and she feels very fortunate to have met her and be able to benefit from her valuable tips and advice. I would recommend Pamela to anyone seeking to improve their health.”

Deborah A. Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve been working with Pam for almost 5 months now and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s not just because I’ve lost 30 pounds and I feel greater than ever at my 50 years of age. It’s not just because she provides great support and follow up. It’s also because she is teaching me to know my body, how to nurture it in a healthy way and, even better, how not be hungry anymore!

Yes, I am not hungry anymore. Never thought I was going to say that.

Keep up the good work Pam. You are awesome!”

Guillermo Ziegler. Ottawa, Canada

“I attended her session about metabolism and I really like her holistic approach to women’s bodies and hormonal issues. She is really caring about what I say, and she is very passionate about balanced nutrition.”

J-Y. Ottawa, Canada – Group Program Participant


“My experience with Pamela started with somewhat of a disbelief. It can be hard to change your eating habits. There are so many types of diets and recommendations online, not to mention the Nutrition section in your local library or the bookstore! Pamela Groh helps you focus on small changes and grow a healthy style of daily meals that suits you best.

I learned from Pamela that even having some more sips of water during the day could go a long way. She can identify symptoms from conditions and suggest some changes to your diet that will benefit you and can turn potentially into a long-term solutions. Everything she recommends is extremely easy to follow. She will start from where you are and will not force you to make or take anything that you do not understand or disagree with. It is foremost a commitment you make with yourself with her help and guidance. She can even suggest where to find a good product, which would fit best your diet at the local stores.

It is hard to find a more knowledgeable person in the Ottawa area about nutrition and healthy eating habits! No matter how much I challenged her with complex questions, she is always able to give a solution and easy to follow recommendations!”

Olga Petrova. Ottawa, Canada