Happy V-Day, (Food) Lovers

Sometimes in the spirit of celebration, we get carried away. This is why instead of giving you a recipe to prepare a chocolate-filled treat (of which there are tons of great recipes circulating out there), I thought I much rather share with you some tips on how to make your V-day a more “loving” experience.

And don’t worry, I won’t talk to you about deprivation either. Mostly, because in my experience, deprivation backfires, causing more damage than good.

Instead I want to talk about what a balanced (and loving) approach to eating may look like on celebratory days (and perhaps, all days).



A balanced approach to food and celebration:


  • Is allowing yourself to enjoy the foods you crave without guilt or remorse, and without the underlying thought “this is bad for me”. When you approach food with this mentality, you are bound to have difficulty digesting that food, this is mostly because you need to be in a state of relaxation (not anxiety) to digest food properly;


  • Is understanding that you don’t need to have it all today: that “all or nothing” mentality can be really damaging. For once, it can encourage you to sabotage your efforts to take great care of yourself by having way too much to the point you don’t even feel good anymore;


  • Is tuning into your body and getting to know it really well: maybe wine really doesn’t sit well with you… maybe is a heavy pasta dish. Don’t succumb to the pressure of social norms that tell us a “real celebration” should look in a certain way and specific foods and drinks must be consumed for the celebration to count;


  • Is choose quality over quantity: when it comes to indulgent foods such as chocolate and wine, focus on high quality. Get some fine, hand crafted chocolate is that’s what you want rather than an extra-large bar of the sugary stuff;


So, focus on having a lifelong love affair with food rather than a gluttony-filled fling. Good things happen when we break from food excess and focus on balance and nourishment.

P.- ❤

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