How We Treat our Bodies, is a Direct Reflection of What’s Happening in our Inner Word

This is because our actions, or behaviour, is driven by the magnificent world of thoughts that is living in all of us. So, if you’re struggling with your health, let me propose we put the action plans and supplements on hold for a moment and we take a moment to examine what is happening with our thoughts.

I know for many of us this is counter intuitive. After all, we have a “problem” and we want to fix it. Now. This drive, in principle, is a good thing. But what happens when we are constantly reacting to life without taking a moment to get our priorities in place?

In my experience, what happens is that all the sudden everything becomes a priority and we quickly become overwhelmed.

Personally, I’ve been there… work is a priority, relationships are a priority, cleaning the house is a priority, going shopping is a priority, eating healthy is a priority, exercising is a priority, answering texts and e-mails is a priority, planning this and that is a priority…

If everything is a priority, we start throwing punches in the air attempting to handle it all and we quickly run out of energy. Somehow in the process, the quality of our lives and relationships is probably suffering…

I know many of us struggle with this because most of the people I speak with tell me about how anxious and stressed they are feeling, how they’re having all kinds of digestive troubles, being unable to sleep at night, hooked on caffeine to just make it through the day (and the endless meetings)… how there is no time and energy to cook a meal, exercise, or do the things that matter to them.


This is an unfortunate state of being but I believe we can turn things around.


So here what I would say: turn off the computer/phone and ask yourself… what do I need right now? Do I need to lay down and take a nap? Do I want to take a walk and breathe even if only for a few moments… and give yourself permission to do it. Confront the mental chatter that builds guilt around the desire of wanting to slow down, to feel alive. This simple act of taking a pause will replenish your mind.

And then, try your best to do something to nourish your body, but please, let this be an act of self-love, not another demand on yourself. Fix yourself a nice salad, add a little fish, some avocado and olive oil.

And finally, set aside a few minutes this week to think about your priorities. Be realistic and pick only a few. Make a commitment to yourself to honor your priorities and politely decline demands and requests. Make a point to turn off the inner voice that says you should do it all. You’ll notice the quality of your mental, physical and emotional life improves.


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