A Nutritionist’s Tips to Feel your Best this Holiday Season


dessert-temptationDecember can certainly be a fun month. All those parties and gatherings with friends and family, time off from work, trips and delicious meals are great way to get out of the routine. But for many of us, the holiday season can also create a lot of excess, especially with food.

I am a huge proponent of enjoying all that life has to offer in a balanced way, this means we need to break the all-or-nothing mentality and ditch deprivation, especially when it comes to food. I like to head into the holiday season with this same mentality. I my personal and clinical experience in my nutrition practice, I notice that when we drop the excess vs. deprivation mindset, there is no need for extreme diets or workouts to fix things afterwards. I personally believe this is the best way to achieve a healthy relationship with food.

Being that said, parties can be a source of temptation! So, when heading out to parties, I have a few tricks to keep myself in check and make sure I don’t overindulge and fee terrible afterwards. I personally follow these when heading out to parties and have found they help me a lot to enjoy food in moderation and wake up feeling energized rather than sluggish the next morning:


  1. Drink plenty of pure water throughout the day: We simply tend to over eat when we are dehydrated;
  2. Have a protein-rich snack before heading to a party: This will help you control your portions much better. My go-to protein-snacks are: a handful of nuts, veggies with hummus or a few spoons of Greek yogurt with berries and true cinnamon;
  3. Take a moment to gather yourself before heading to a party: feeling stressed, anxious or simply excited? Take a moment to slow down, breathe and put yourself in a good frame of mind. Decide in advance that you will enjoy food and drinks in moderation. This exercise helps a lot!
  4. At a party, keep your alcohol consumption at 2-3 glasses maximum 🙂
  5. Choose the best options available to you: fill your plate with veggies and salads; choose grilled and steamed over fried foods and enjoy foods in moderation. Remember, you can always have more at a later time, you don’t need to eat it all at that party.


And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Happy Healthy Holidays


P.- ❤

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