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A Holistic Nutrition Program to help you reach your best natural weight, feel at ease with food and learn to re-connect with your body


During this 8-week program, we will:


Clear the clutter around confusing food information, so you can:

  • Focus on making changes that feel manageable, sustainable and enjoyable
  • Discover what works for you (and what doesn’t)
  • Reduce stress around food and stop obsessing about the next meal


Focus on whole foods and a balanced approach, so you can:

  • Learn to build well balanced meals that are simple, affordable and delicious while still losing weight
  • Implement techniques to make meal planning and prepping easier and gain confidence in the kitchen
  • Kick the cravings, reduce bloating and tackle hAnger by balancing blood sugar levels


Take a close look at your current eating habits and relationship with food, so you can:

  • Better understand how stress-eating, boredom-eating, over-eating and other behaviours sabotage your efforts to reach and maintain your best possible weight
  • Identify your triggers, learn and practice new ways of dealing with emotions so that food is not the only option
  • Learn to re-connect with your body’s hunger signals
  • Start feeling more peace and less anxiety and fear of food


As a result, you will begin to:

  • Mobilize extra weight in a sustainable way
  • Learn how to build well balanced meals that are nourishing and support your goals
  • Begin your journey towards a healthier relationship with food
  • Gain a better understanding of your habits, feel better in your skin, enjoy better moods, more energy and a stable weight


This program is unique in that:

  • It focusses on long term weight loss based on a sound nutritional approach: no quick fixes; no trendy diets, no deprivation or harsh plans
  • Is uniquely build for you based on the current state of your health
  • It respects your food choices and offers a holistic approach based on biochemical individuality, taking into account your habits, health history, lifestyle, work, values, etc.
  • It looks at the role habits and believes play in the weight loss puzzle
  • It helps you regain a sense of peace around food by helping you stop obsessing about food and the next meal


How it works:

Throughout the course of 8 weeks, this program offers a combination of one-on-one consultations and online support to help you stay accountable and on track to reach your goals. Consultations can take place in person at Docere Naturopathic Clinic & IV Lounge or online.

Program schedule:

Week 1 – Increase metabolism with protein-rich breakfasts (and other tricks) – 1st one-on-one meeting (75 minutes)

Week 2 – Build meals to balance blood sugars and kick the cravings – 2nd one-on-one meeting (60 minutes)

Week 3 Weekly check-in (by email), food log review and feedback 

Week 4 Weekly check-in (by email), food log review and feedback 

Week 5 – Shift habits that hinder progress and re-connect with your body – 3rd one-on-one meeting (30 minutes)

Week 6 Weekly check-in (by email), food log review and feedback 

Week 7 Weekly check-in (by email), food log review and feedback 

Week 8 – Improve gut health and reduce bloating – 4rd one-on-one meeting  (30 minutes)


Cost: $425 CAD (HST included)

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